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G.Guard is glass system coating agent. We recommend G.Guard with confidence to you who are particular about shine than anyone.
A characteristic of G.Guard

The film of very thin glass called the silica glass (sio2) resists ultraviolet rays and shows the super durability.(heat of about 700 degrees centigrade)
This can be superior in Durability , Smoothness , Heat-resistant , HardnessRust prevention degree , Luster degree , in comparison with the conventional resin-based coating agent and glass system coating(other brands).

graph.gifBecause a your country’s climate is “a high temperature wet climate”, the influence on car-body surface of your favorite car is serious in comparison with Europe and America.In such a severe situation, car-body coating is useless unless you choose the thing of the high quality to a coating agent protecting the car-body surface.
Another reason to choose G.Guard is that everyday maintenance (car washing) becomes easy. The mud dust is removed by washing it with water!

G.Guard coating to Alloy wheel

wheel.jpgAlloy wheel which is easy to be stained with “brakes dust” and “splashes of mud”. That becomes serious when you leave the dirt. Therefore it is G.Guard! Its film of very thin glass guards alloy wheel well from rust and brakes dust.

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